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Gruesome-O-Mania, Dillinger's Finger (Syndicated Show)
Airdate: 1976

WOR Show
Syndicated Replay

(Syndicated Release)
(Original WOR Airdate Unknown)

First Line After Theme Ends
Tonight's show is as full of evil as the black pit. . .
Show Description
"Tonight's show is as evil as the Black Pit. I've got some real bad stuff for you tonight!" "Have you ever run into a collector of Gruesome Omania?" Shep tells a story of when he was nine. Walking home from school with Flick and Schwartz and Bruner, down the back alley, playing kick the can. There's a kid with them called Jack Martin. He invites them all into his house "to show them something" Curiosity gets them and so they follow him into his house into the basement. He takes a Prince Albert can out of the cabinet. He takes the top off and in the can is a wad of cotton. In the wad of cotton is a finger. All brown and dry - with a fingernail. It was John Dillinger's little finger. Three months later outside the school the go out to the swamp. Sitting amongst the weeds is a shack. Nailed to the side of the shack was a hand! They run back to the school and tell the janitor, Mr. Sanderson, about the hand. They tell the principal who calls the police. They come and it turns out to be a glove nailed to the wall. It was the swamp that made everyone see a hand.
This is a 30 minute syndicated show. It was previously played 3/72 and 9/9/76 in 45 minute format
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Engineer and Staff in Booth Summary/Rating Credit Instruments Played
By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
Airdate History - Original WOR Airdate Unknown
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