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Aggressive Nature of Man
Airdate: June 1964

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I think what I have decided to do, is perhaps a revolutionary move in a very very profound sense. . .
Show Description
"I think what I've decided to do is perhaps a revolutionary move in a very very profound sense... but I have decided to quit goofing around. I have decided that from here-on in, in my life, I am going to build a giant edifice. I am going to work with the blocks of time... of course you have to look at that symbolically. Time in this case being the raw clay of existence and I will pat each small hour, each tiny minute, each fleeting second into a thing of beauty. I will pat it together with the hands, see - and then I'll put the next second on top... of course these things often have a way of going awry." "How many movies have you seen in the last 5 years telling you war is bad? None of the movies focus on why did the war start?" Hand grenades - throwing them in the army and their use in Chicago to help collect "insurance" against their use on a business. Mr. Schwartz of Schwartz's cleaners misses a payment and ends up owning a hole in the ground. A London Times article on studies of animal aggression inspire Shep to discuss this topic. "Animals from the hippopotamus to the ant have for various reasons aggressive traits. But the species which shows up worst in biological research on animal aggression is Homo Sapiens. Only in man is aggression so uncontrolled as to lead to wholesale killing within a species." "As the animal goes higher up the scale in intelligence, he becomes more aggressive for his own sake." "Non-human animals seldom kill one another under normal conditions in the wild. Fighting is ritualized." Ritualized fighting according to strict rules... Like a boxing match... Aggression as a means of establishing social rank... Why would we kill one another, whereas the other animals don't. We share with the animal kingdom - primal fear. The ideal would probably be to copy those species which have ritualized aggression to the point of making threats without coming to blows. "What a fascinating creature we are... Keep your knees loose and occasionally sharpen your finger nails!"
Friday show sometime from June 1964
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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