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Shep's First Martini, Avoiding Responsibility
Airdate: Wednesday - May 27, 1964

WOR Show
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First Line After Theme Ends
Yes, sometimes it maks you a little nervous. . .
Show Description
Straws in the wind - Note from Courier News in Scotch Plains Mock wedding with all female cast Dear Abby Caan Film Festival There's a first time for everything - first time you drank water, first time you put a shoe on, the first haircut. Many first time things do not work out. In the Army for several months, out in a new world. Shep has about $60 in his pocket and decides to go on a date. The cab ride costs $7.65, and he sees his money melting real quick! He picks up his date and they go to the restaurant. She orders a Manhatten, and Shep doesn't want to order the same thing so he orders the only other drink he heard of - A Dry Martini. After consuming the first, he orders a second and when he gets up to go to the can, everything was rocking! The next morning he couldn't remember anything and had $4.00 left!
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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