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Radio Row
Rerun Date: February 1971

WOR Show
WOR Rerun

Last Update: 02-22-2023

Show Description
"I'm doing tonight's show totally in the nude!"..."The secret mission of the what buzzard?" It's more fun to watch the people than the event. 25 years from now there will be this crowd still wearing long hair and kids will be looking at them incomprehensibly. A comparison of generations. People feel that their generation is 'the one' and it's the reason parents and kids never see eye to eye. A great play would be the 'fly frozen in amber'. Radio row - Shep buys a new set of speakers, mounts them onto plywood baffles and hangs them on the wall in his room. The old man hears the music and brings out his old records which he claims is 'real music'.
(14:43) This is WOR New York. . .
Commercials (All times approximate)
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Music (All times approximate)
Shiek of Araby (3) (3:38; 43:03)
Engineer and Staff in Booth
Tony Galano
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