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Airdate: Friday - March 26, 1965

WOR Show
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First Line After Theme Ends
It's Friday, and on Friday. . .
Show Description
"Friday Night & the dysfunctional family station" Human carbunclism Delusions of normalcy Smoking and Sex (comments inspired by the Kent commercial) Freud and Fantasies Nothing like reality - Jab at the N.A.B. Convention Sheila Graeme column excerpt on Hollywood made in character Roll reversal Bunny Slippers - A brief collection of bits captured in 'A Christmas Story' Perspective based on geographical reference of where we grow up Hammond Indiana fresh air and a 10 year olds perspective The hook for the Limelight
Shep mentions that it is Friday on many occasions during this show, it is night (of course) but Shep was our Knight! Jousting as he did against even his own sponsors, which he did quite a bit during this show.
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By: Ken Applegate
Rating: Not Rated
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