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Airdate: Wednesday - May 29, 1963

WOR Show
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Last Update: 01-28-2008

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Mets / Yankees Shep doesn't know what to do with the thousands of scraps of paper with phone numbers he has accumulated since they have no names. Playing Truth or Consequences Shep finds his old notebook from his trip to Nigeria - it contained all the "impressions" he had during the trip. Sharks in the Bay of Guinea and a CW operator in Nigeria taking down the news in code. CW is a world of pure symbolism - there are no inflections in CW Shep tells about the time he was a kid and after giving his name, was seduced for 4-1/2 hours, because he was thought to be a girl.
Speaking of shams and facade... this is WOR
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Mandarin House
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Stars and Stripes
The Okeh Laughing Record
Engineer and Staff in Booth
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Shep working at his desk

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