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Business Lunches
Airdate: June 1963

WOR Show
Original Airing

Last Update: 02-03-2008

First Line After Theme Ends
All right Eddie, kill it for crying out loud. . .
Show Description
The announcer must have introduced the show as the "Interesting World of Jean Shepherd" Shep rants over the theme about the interesting world of Jean Shepherd! Says something is bugging him. Says a friend of his, a German girl, heard the show but did not understand why he was lauging. Plays a little of his nose flute and the Sheik of Araby. What is bugging Shep is that the theme of a soap opera is going through his head and he can't remember the name of the show. He was in a meeting today. They wanted to put his show on in the morning after John Gambling. Talks about Advertising Age magazine. It is an important meeting, but the soap theme is in his head and Muzak is coming into the room. The meeting went nowhere, nothing happened in the meeting. Present outward appearance that something is being accomplished. Hard to follow the thread of the meeting, it is easier to follow the thread of "Waiting for Godot". Says that Madison Ave ad executives are sexless like the rabbit or Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. A lot of guys on Madison Ave have been defying gravity for years: no talent. In meeting could not get soap opera theme out of his mind. Digresses to talk of old lady at Horn and Hardart who takes fifteen minutes to get ready to eat her small meal. Fusses with fork, napkin, etc. because she has nothing else to do. Shep says he was enjoying the meeting. One half hour into the meeting he lost his concentration because of the soap theme. Talks about actors losing concentration. Plays the tune on the nose flute, talks to the engineer. Engineer does not know the tune either. Starts to see the people in the meeting as the characters in the soap opera. Plays and sings more of Sheik of Araby. Gives up trying to figure out soap theme. Says the rest of the show is brought to us as a public service of WOR, as compared to public service announcements that tell us to join the Marines. He says he is the only person who remembers America, that he can't forget anything. Says he remembers the theme of Lorenzo Jones. Talks about how US soldiers in Pacific in WWII used trivia questions as passwords. The Japanese spoke English but did not know the things that an American would. "Who sponsored Jack Armstrong?" "Wheaties" Shep continues with Lorenzo Jones trivia, and asks engineer more soap opera trivia. He says in newspaper he read about American ladies track team that is not doing well. Russian ladies work hard, are strong. US "chicks" want to do it the easy way. We want things instantly. Shep is a good American kid. We all cheat in one way or another but we agree not to notice each other's cheating. Ours is the only country that keeps up a high level of verbal smoke screen. Shep is this kid. He thinks he is above normal disasters. Americans have a dream world: no disasters can touch us. Shep is in high school. He is on the track team. The #3 man on a 4 man team cross country running team. Flick is #4 on the team. Running needs endurance but no brains, just must be dogged. It is the first big track meet. He has a tough coach, a real professional athlete. Coach tells them to eat nothing on the day of the meet. Shep has no breakfast or lunch. On the way to the stadium he and Flick stop at the Igloo. They eat a cheeseburger and a couple of shakes. They start the race very well. After about a mile Flick veers off into the bushes and is violently sick. Shep makes a lot of heaving sick sounds here. Next it is Shep who is sick. Now Shep makes ever louder heaving sick sounds.
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