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Airdate: Monday - October 7, 1963

WOR Show
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Last Update: 03-23-2009

First Line After Theme Ends
Mar-ta, Rambling Rose of the Wildwood. . . (singing)
Show Description
Shep mentions World's Fair buildings and that the IBM building has stainless steel trees, getting IBM back to Nature almost. He mentions a letter from a listener who is OK during the week, but nervous on weekends he misses Shep! We're informed that Walt Disney discovered Mickey Mouse under a daybed in the Lorraine Hotel in Cleveland and that people will be converted to religion by such occurrences as seeing Tony Perkins portraying St. Thomas Aquinas. Drive in worship Real life is only recognizable if it is done by Felini In addition to resorts dedicated to golfing, fishing & religion, there will soon be political resorts where you can participate in the Goldwater-Rockefeller argument led by William F. Buckeley by the pool. Also coming will be comic resorts: Milt Kamen by the pool, Jackie Mason in the Yak-Em-Up Lounge, Bob Newhart doing his funny submarine bit in the gymnasium and Mort Sahl doing his famous Eisenhower golf ball bit in the downstairs ladies lounge. He mentions a commercial by the Hot Shot 4 Brothers Smothers who sing that if you want to walk for freedom, wear Hootenanny by Thom McAn. He reads a news report from London in which a man was jailed for setting fire to a car owned by his former fiance. She testified he became jealous of the car (which she actually did think more of than him). Herald-Tribune AM Highlights describe Shep's show as offbeat banter and interviews Shep comments that it's OK with him because Eric Sevareid's show is also described as offbeat banter. News flash from Radio Tokyo about the success of Russian anti-China propaganda resulting in beatings of Japanese citizens mistaken for being Chinese Shep ends the show as the Radio Tokyo travel editor advising travelers to Moscow to wear rising sun armbands so as not to be confused with Communist rat-fink Chinamen.
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By: Ken Applegate and Eric Matthews
Date: 01-07-2009
Rating: Not Rated
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