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Australia #7 - The Modern Marco Polo
Airdate: Tuesday - May 18, 1965

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First Line After Theme Ends
I think tonight I will do another program about the trials and tribulations . . .
Show Description
The trials and tribulations of being a modern day Marco Polo. Are people all the same or have we bread several distinct strains through culture? Not talking about the obvious differences such as color or bone structure. How we have become 'herd animals'. When traveling most people take too much. Women tend to take their whole closet with them. In many cases, you can get what you need to wear during the trip and probably cheaper. Take plenty to read. It's hard to hold anything other than general conversations in a foreign country. Take a transistor radio and spare batteries. When you travel, the difference in time makes it difficult to sleep. Because the body is on a different time zone, it is hard to get coordinated. Shep describes his attempt to rest and take a shower.
Someone called Terrence is in the studio
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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