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Just Back From Amazon Trip
Airdate: Thursday - September 16, 1965

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Come on, come on, just cut it. . .
Show Description
Back from his trip to the Amazon jungles of Peru. Shep opens by talking about what he has just experienced and how he will be spending the next few shows describing the trip. It's the first time that their photographer Sol Potemkin has been out of the United States. He is speaking as an artist reflecting things as he has seen them, not as an expert on the subject. He talks about the river water, while not polluted, it is filled with parasites and diseases. The pilot of the small plane is delivering a battery to one of the missionaries in the jungle. The sand fly, the vampire bat, and other dangers that the people must endure there. The bat atacks the chickens they keep for food. The Shopra Indians live in small family units, not in a village. They are all strong muscular people. "Burning a monkey" - One of their chief meals is monkey meat. Bathing in the river The native drink is a yellowing vaugely alcoholic liquid which they drink after every meal. Living in the jungle is a full time occupation. The day starts about an hour before dawn. Hunting is dangerous and difficult. The Jaguar is a real threat along with the anaconda. Shep performs with the Jews Harp, Kazoo, and Nose flute, and they wind up playing in a duet. The Chief says they are the first people to come to paticipate with the tribe. They loved being entertained.
Lee Chamberlain - Lude's rep Sol Potemkin - photographer Doris Cox - Translator Tarridi (sp?) Chief of the tribe Arushba (sp?) Chief's son
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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September 1965
Shep with the Natives - courtesy Gregg Potemkin

Courtesy: Gene Bergmann

September 1965
Chief Tariri

Courtesy: Rich Badagliacca

September 1965
Shep in Peru

Courtesy: Rich Badagliacca

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