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Shep's Neolithic Period
Airdate: Saturday - November 1, 1958

WOR Show
Original Airing

Last Update: 06-21-2012

Show Description
Shep begins talking about milestones, when having just gotten out of the Army he was deep in the heart of his Neolithic period. It's a beautiful Saturday morning as he came to work whistling through Times Square on his Vespa. Shep saw a play last night - "The Man in the Dog Suit" by Hume Cronyn Looking back at the ruins of your life. Someone should blow a trumpet in your ear whenever you reach a momentous point in your life. Walking through Goldblatt's dept store looking at the 'remainder' books. He bought 3 of them. "Animal Farm" by George Orwell; "Mistress Masham's Repose" by T.H. White, and an un-named 3rd book. Later claims to have changed his course in college because of these books he bought. Bruce the engineer comes into the studio and Shep tells him to do what he has to do and Bruce says "I don't know what I am supposed to do." -- break for Grand Union commercial and WOR ID -- Shep asks 'What am I supposed to do?' Monsters and the abominable snowman. After commercials, Shep reads the local traffic reports - sponsored by Chrysler The Golden Hamster Hoax - Mr. Bruner answers an ad for fun and profit by selling golden hamsters during the depression. He never made a cent. Other ads - How to make your own Tesla Coil and Fleischmann's Yeast for the complexion. "Speaking of rubble strewn roads..." - Volvo commercial - Shep says he spent all day Thursday at Yonkers Raceway driving the new Volvo. Engineer Phil brings Shep coffee. According to NY Times the 1959 new car designs from Detroit are making matters difficult for the car washes - may cost $500 per car wash to modify equipment. 'Does anybody know where I can get a new nose flute? Martha Deane stepped on mine!' Shep going to Village Gate concert on the 9th - see ad below I'm doing it because I like it. 'My Heart's in the Highlands' at 'Theatre Club' - E 30th st over "Cedars" Lebanese Restaurant Phil leaves followed by commercials and Shep reading the traffic reports again. We're in the middle of a big election campaign. Each side points the finger at the other side and how bad it will be if they get in. (Nothing seems to have changed in 50 years!) Shep talks politics in general - wouldn't it be great if the candidates ran on philosophy? "Speaking of falling apart, we have a new sponsor..." First a Volvo commercial and then the new sponsor - Electronic Workshop (see ad below) Shep raves about them - how they are owned by a Harvard trained physicist - Clifton Howard. Shep says he owns a MacIntosh 60watt amplifier, a MacIntosh C-8 pre-amp and mixer, and a Garrard 300 turntable. More commercials and general banter Next is the Ed Petit Show
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By: Jim Clavin
Date: 06-21-2012
Rating: Not Rated

November 05,1958
Ad for Electronic Workshop - Sponsor of Shep 11-01-58 show

November 05,1958
Ad for Village Gate concert mentioned by Shep on 11-01-1958 show

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