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Making History Because it Makes Sense - Reaching the Apex of Life
Airdate: Saturday - November 8, 1958

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Last Update: 06-22-2012

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Show Description
Where are the elves? People sitting in front of the TV or movie screen and believing this utter drivel and going away feeling warm inside - that it really was this way. Driving through Times Square on his Vespa, noting the changes that take place over time when driving the same root. The changing marquees. There are so many things to do in this town. Shep has been to Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Dublin and there is no more exciting city as this city. New York is the capitol of the world - most people who live here don't know that and how long will it last until another city takes its place? Fine tuning the antenna to get a better picture. Family had a Scott DX-10 radio (Note: probably meant AC-10 which was the popular model when he was a kid) The old man was constantly polishing the radio and cleaning it with carbon tetrachloride. He kept a log of all the stations he ever heard. The old man was an early Uncle Fletcher. (Vic and Sade) Charlie Egelston died last week. He was a good friend of Shep's and for over 26 years played the part of Shuffle Shober on Ma Perkins. Shep returns from the news break playing the nose flute to the theme. "I feel better now!" The car that makes history because it makes sense. It's getting to the point now where you can make history just if you make sense. " 6000 years from now will you have known if you have ever lived? ... In the seventy years of your lifetime, do you, do you know or are you aware of the moment in your life when you are at your absolutely most complete and thorough, magnificent, your most magnificent - everything is the rightest that it will ever be - your physical being, your mental being, you are at the very apex of your career this moment. How long does this moment last? Do you know it?" It's this dream that the next minute is going to see something more magnificent happen to them or they will be somehow greater or more heroic than they have ever been in their lives before." "There's a kid in the control room - he says YEAHH! By George I haven't seen a kid in years - there's a kid! They still have kids! Look at that - there's two kids in the control room! Live kids, in tree dimensions" Shep invites him into the studio and asks him what he is doing here. The kid says "To get your autograph". Shep asks "Do mothers still give motherly words of advice?" The kid responds "Yes, really, they do." "What a golden moment - a kid!... That little shrimp's got the history of the world and the future of the world in his hands. What a frightening thought." -- Commercials -- "We'll be here until noon here - this is Harold Everyman" Shep side tracks into general banter backtracking to the first commercial and then discussing his role as "Girth" in Ivanhoe while in the 6th grade. -- conclusion of commercials -- "This is your friend Harold Everyman - we'll be back tomorrow night at 9."
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Electronic Workshop
Fanny Farmer
Grand Union 2 times
Miller Beer
Movie Promotion Bridge on the River Kwai
The Pilgrim Laundry
Worth Perfume - Je Reviens
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Engineer and Staff in Booth
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By: Jim Clavin
Date: 06-22-2012
Rating: Not Rated
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November 05,1958
Ad for Electronic Workshop - Sponsor of Shep 11-01-58 show

Scott AC-10 Radio - Family Radio when Shep was kid 11-8-58 show

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