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Fishing for Bullheads
Airdate: Friday - January 7, 1966

San Francisco

(Syndicated Release)

Last Update: 10-05-2012

First Line After Theme Ends
That's all right, you don't have to worry tonight, I have decided I'm not going to tell any dirty jokes. . .
Show Description
Herman Melville - Moby Dick - Call me Ishmael Fishing for Catfish Moving refrigerators Driving in the midwest Talking to Antartica via Ham Company K inspection
This show was originally broadcast on 1/4/1966 on WOR, but parts were added and removed along the way to compensate for station ID's, news breaks, and total time. At 31:00 Shep comments 'we're off here - now I can worry about something else' At 31:24 Shep comments 'all right, we're back on again?' He also makes reference to strike bulletins - He was probably referencing the NYC transit strike which lasted from Jan 1st to the 13th.
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Jews Harp
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