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Going to the Races, Brits Have No Taste
Airdate: 1965

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Braack! That'll clear those loud speakers there.
Show Description
Shep just recently returned from a 2 week stay in Great Britain where he toured with the Beatles for an article which later appeared in Playboy. He talks about traveling to all the little places where normal tourists don't go and was able to study Britain from a different perspective. He say that Americans have a sub-conscious hang-up about Great Britain. The British are a chauvinistic society, second only to the French. He describes the social classes, and compares the upper class urban life to a half-baked Manhattan underground/underworld life. He clarifies the expression "going to the dogs" as originating in Britain. One of the lower classes of Britain finds pastime in going to and betting on the dog races. Thus if you fell down the social ladder, you were "Going to the dogs."
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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