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Day before Father's Day - 1st Crime - Ice Cream Wars
Airdate: Saturday - June 17, 1967

Limelight Show
Original Airing

Last Update: 06-04-2023

First Line After Theme Ends
Let's try it again, which side are you on. . .
Show Description
"In just one and a half hours we will be celebrating Father's Day." "My kid brother was the Beethoven of whiners!" It's June, schools out for the summer, brief description of classroom 'life', and Shep, Flick, Schwartz, and Bruner are out walking around and it's the night they turned 'criminal' The boys decide to sneak into the movie theater. They climb up the fire escape and pry open the door. At the sound of fire trucks they run into the theater and mingle amongst the crowd in the lobby waiting for the firemen to leave. Flick proposes doing the same thing next week at the Paramount just as the manager comes over and proclaims he knows they did it. News Break Okay, that concludes our salute to Teaneck! Shep tells the classice Ice Cream Wars story and his return years later. Concludes with story about the Army Signal Corps not having a song
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