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Hooked on Altered States
Airdate: Tuesday - May 31, 1966

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Show Description
Quotes "April is the cruelest month". Reads article about Jersey Devil re-appearing. DTs, seeing animals like bats and rats. Do IBM programmers see talking computers? The Lost Weekend is a REALLY scary movie. Monster movies, why we like them. Now they are all based on the atomic bomb. Thrill-seeking - LSD and skydiving. War is the ultimate fright, so mankind seeks it out. Mass Man versus Unit Man. Unit Man wants peace, Mass Man wants war. Escapism - Drugs, movies, TV. Many forms of escape.
"Great Show, a deepie" - Max
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Sponsor Time Notes
Honda Motorcyles Fleischman
Rover 2000
Smokey The Bear
Music (All times approximate)
None Listed
Engineer and Staff in Booth
Don Williamson
Summary/Rating Credit
By: Max Schmid
Rating: Not Rated
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