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Last Sunday Show of the Year
Airdate: Sunday - December 27, 1959

WOR Show
Original Airing

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Show Description
Each man marches to his own drum - Coming new year Charlie and Og - it's going to be different next year Wants to hold mill at "Sweet Bird of Youth" do bird calls G. Ade - Successful Tobias Request night - Stop crying ma (no end) (After break) - gap in tape, then Head thumping - Sheik more Kopfspeil time signal (break in tape) Kashmir -- poor family Poem - Service - New Year - break - scat with Duke E. Thanks to listeners for loyalty Bitter Tea of Gen. Yen First night in Army Theme song ending - ends 1AM - into Long John
This show was originally thought to be from December 31, 1959 which is a Thursday. Shep did not broadcast weekdays at this time. Shep says "We'll be here until one o"clock." He also says something like, "Should I wait until after 11?" regarding something or other he was going to do - either the jazz, or the George Ade story, or the head thumping. He also says "This is the last show of 1959" Since Thursday was the 31st, then this broadcast would be the evening of December 27 into the 28th of 1959. He never mentions it being midnight even though he does make reference to the Holiday. There is no mention of Shep being on the air in the WOR evening lineup for the two dates according to the New York Times Radio section: Sunday, December 27, 1959 9:00 News; Jean Shepherd Show 9:30 Sports; Jean Shepherd Show 10:00 News; Jean Shepherd Show 11:00 News Report 11:15 Jean Shepherd 1:00 Long John Thursday, December 31, 1959 9:00 News; UN Today 9:15 Studio X - Music 10:00 News 10:15 Studio X - Music 11:00 News 11:15 Studio X - Music 12:00 Long John
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General Tire
Grand Union
Marlboro Cigarettes
Movie Promotion "The Gene Krupa Story"
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