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Surplus Equipment Radio Row bargain hunting
Rerun Date: Thursday - June 19, 1975

WOR Show
WETA Synd Replay

(Syndicated Release)

Last Update: 12-24-2022

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Show Description
It's confession time. Confession is not always the best - it can ruin your life Doesn't like Twinkies Doesn't listen to the radio His newscaster friend John is worried because the world is getting better and the news is getting thin Confession is not necessarily always good for the soul. It can ruin your life. Ignorance is good for the soul. Surplus equipment in the electronics world - "Radio Row" Johnny Anderson picks up a piece of old army surplus equipment with all kinds of knobs and jacks. They start putting voltage to various sections of it. He put voltage to one section and the little counter starts ticking. He increases the voltage and a meter clicks on with a red light. They step back and BOOM a big puff of smoke. Turns out it was a radar keyer with a built in self destruct.
NOT the same show as 4-3-75 (1938) Surplus and Confession
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