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Two Kinds of Education
Rerun Date: Wednesday - October 8, 1969

WOR Show
WGBH Boston Replay

(Syndicated Release)

First Line After Theme Ends
Hey, listen, I got a good letter the other night. . .
Show Description
"Has it ever occurred to you that your life is all academic?" Shep receives a letter from a student complaining that he's only a couple of weeks into the school year and already he's flunking! "You're trying to learn stuff. That way lies madness!" Shep reads George Ade: "The fable of the bookworm and the butterfly who went into the law" The moral is "There are at least two kinds of education." Shep then talks about his own childhood experiences in school, showing that indeed there are two kinds of education. The battle between Schwartz and Eileen Ackers for tops in the honor roll and Jack Martin who could care less. Schwartz was the scholar who was always striving to climb his way higher on the honor roll. He was always in the top three. His worst time in his four years was when he received a B+ when he had the Chicken Pox. He constantly combated with Eileen Ackers for the number one spot. Jack Martin was the handsome, chisel profile, 6 foot 1 inch partygoer. Always giving rides, the kind that would go out for track and win the high jump in three days. He never made the honor roll. He took all the easy subjects like Health, and Driving Safety. The day came for graduation and Jack Martin won the gold medal for "Most Deserving Student" because he was president of every club in school. He edited the joke page of the school paper and won three awards for it. He headed the dance committee. Schwartz and Eileen Ackers didn't come close!
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