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Peanut Butter Anonymous, Sandy the Bar Dog
Rerun Date: Friday - October 10, 1969

WOR Show
WGBH Boston Replay

(Syndicated Release)

First Line After Theme Ends
Oh, this is so terrible. . .
Show Description
Waukesha Wisconsin - famous for its natural bridge. Charges against 18 year old driver stopped by police for driving recklessly across the center line were dismissed. Seems he was distracted by his girlfriend who was totally nude in the car. She surprised him when she picked him up from work that morning. Philadelphia - the city of "Brotherly Love" Shep reads letter from fan who saw him sitting in the first row of a Mets game during a special report on the Mets on CBS 6 o'clock news, Friday September 26th. PBA - Peanut Butter Anonymous - If you ever had the peanut butter monkey on your back, you know what it is to be hooked on drugs. Shep tells about working in the supermarket as a kid. He used to stamp the prices on the cans and used a technique with his wrist to make the price almost legible. The problems of working with Campbell's soups, baked beans and pickles. He talks about how customers sneak around the store and consume products such as the people who take a can of beer, walks around the store drinking it and then places the can back on the shelf. Others unscrew the cap to a jar of peanut butter, scoops up two fingers worth, closes the jar and place it back on the shelf. The same thing with cookies and candy. Man who is trying to stop smoking in a study program. Has to smoke all day with three baboons. Sandy the Airedale. Shep gets a 'commercial route' delivering newspapers. Everyday Shep would deliver to a pool hall and the dog there liked Shep. The owner showed him a trick - give the dog a shot of Bourbon. The dog loved it. Then one day Sandy wasn't there. When asked why, the bartender responded that the dog got arrested for walking down the middle of the street drunk.
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