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Show Summary

Vampire Country
Airdate: 1977

WOR Show
WBUR Boston Synd Replay

(Syndicated Release)

Show Description
Special confession night Still nervous about what happened the other night. Turned on TV in motel and there was Count Dracula. Gives education about bats - the big ones in the vampire movies are actually fruit bats. A real vampire bat is the size of a mouse. How vampire bats kill their prey. Reads article by Osgood Caruthers - "Dracula was Real" Driving between Innsbruck and Munich through the Black Forest. He stops to eat in the middle of the trip. He describes eating strange food in a strange restaurant. Continuing the drive he suddenly see these two eyes. It was the biggest, most evil, most sinister looking Red Stag with immense antlers. He followed him for a half mile and suddenly he disappeared.
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