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Patent Medicine
Airdate: Saturday - April 1, 1967

Limelight Show
Original Airing

Last Update: 03-03-2024

First Line After Theme Ends
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm looking down on a scene of such decadance. . .
Show Description
Spring is in the air National Patent Medicine Week The neighborhood haunted house Checking out the Medicine Cabinate in other people's houses Sampling the medicines in the haunted house - and the after effects of Exlax! [Break 29:03] Love figuers - Johnny Carson, Mayor Lindsey, Ronald Regan Running out of Chihicken in the mess line. The alternative is horse- - - - Picks vs Shovels . . . Gas Masks Training films - mosquitos [Station ID - 58:56] Army radar Building a baseball diamond Playing the first game in their GI underwear. It get so hot they shuck the underwear and around the 7th inning a green command car approaches. It has 3 stars and the Generals daughter! He tells the story on the air one night and gets a call from the general's daughter. This was the basis for "The Unforgettable Exhibition Game of the Giants versus the Dodgers, Tropical Bush league" in May 1971 Playboy.
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