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Memorial Day
Airdate: Tuesday - May 30, 1967

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Last Update: 05-31-2023

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Show Description
A salute to the 27 trillion suckers who all got out on the road to stand bumper to bumper going nowhere. Parking meters and piggy banks. I was three weeks old and the first thing I was able to focus on was a Buick hubcap. Shep tells a story of being in the school marching band playing a double B flat tuba. He talks about the mechanics of a marching band and the differences with an exhibition band. The band, one Memorial Day is lead by Stinky Davis (aka Wilbur Duckworth), marching across Soldier's Field in Chicago. As they reach the reviewing stand they all peel off, leaving the last row of 8 tuba players headed by Snuffy Smith. Snuffy stumbles over a bench and falls. The other seven tuba players commence to fall on top of him. Stinky, seeing this, blows his whistle and instantly the band starts playing El Capitan. "We salute all you Memorial Day bands wherever you might be."
This is one of the earliest versions of the Wilbur Duckworth story that evolved to the movie Great American Fourth of July. Wilbur is also referred to as Stinky Davis. Shep appears to be playing with a toy pop gun throughout the show.
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By: Jim Clavin
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