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Sleeping Toll Taker, Penns Dutch Country
Airdate: March 1969

WOR Show
Original Airing

Last Update: 05-01-2023

First Line After Theme Ends
Hello, hello, hello, they can hear me. . .
Show Description
Coming into the city from New Jersey - the toll taker was asleep standing up. The facination of getting off the elevator to come down the hall to the studio. Decided this past weekend to visit the Pa Dutch country. Compares it to Swizerland. After watching a hailstorm pass over the farm country Shep drives onto a farm where a horse auction is taking place. He describes the 'atmosphere' of the area and the Amish hams, relishes and shoofly pie. He talks about the smell of the country - "like smelling something out of an ancient American tribal memory" (In March, the Amish are heavily fertilizing the fields - the smell he describes is manure!)
Says he made trip "this past weekend" Went down Sunday and left there sometime after eating 10:00 Monday night - Monday show pre-recorded or re-run?
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