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To Bra or Not To Bra
Airdate: Thursday - January 13, 1972

WOR Show
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First Line After Theme Ends
We'd like to begin tonight - this is a pot pourrie night. . . .
Show Description
"The Answer Man" The Bra(less) test - Place a plain wooden pencil under one breast. If the pencil does not stay there and falls you can go without a bra. Shep asks to hear from some women in the audience to call in with their own test results. Two people are married via television. The minister appears on TV to marry the couple. Bedridden patients become active when BBC puts sex show on TV Salute to Dumont, NJ - Cultural activity. Dumont launches its new cultural series showing the film King Kong. I can see culture is a very serious project in Dumont NJ. Univ of Calif. Prof. of Eng. J. D. McKenzee has combine cow manure and glass bottles to produce bricks. Stanford Calif - special surgical masks have been developed for doctors sporting big beards. Lack of red M&Ms - spokesman says there is a failure of the company that makes the red dye to come up with a better formula. "John" paper squeezing. Human Cannonball
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By: Jim Clavin
Date: 07-20-2005
Rating: Not Rated
Airdate History ' - Original' date is earliest known broadcast)
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