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Shooting Craps in Company K
Airdate: Friday - November 22, 1968

WOR Show
Original Airing

Last Update: 02-03-2024

First Line After Theme Ends
Good evening friends, good evening. . .
Show Description
A Christmas gift suggestion - Wheeler Dealer marked cards. "Anyone who has lived in this world has run up against the sharpsters. Shep goes on to tell the story about him, Gassor, and Zinsmeister getting caught up in shooting craps in the Army. They were walking along the company street one night after seeing an Army flick about some disease, and having stopped for a few 3.2 beers. When they get into the company area they notice the Day Room lights are still on and check it out. They go in and there is a crap game going on being run by Sgt Kowalski. They join in and 35 seconds later the are out on the company street - flat broke, busted! They vow to learn the game better and spend the next 17 days, waiting for payday to come, learning the game. Shep talks for a while about payday in the Army and the various phrases used to describe it and invites callers to guess the bugle call for pay. Payday finally arrives and they wait through the day for nightfall for the crap game to begin. Five minutes later they are out on the company street - plucked clean!
Shep makes a comment during the commercials "Don't make any plans for New Year's Eve" (He was referring to the 2 shows at Town Hall that night)
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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