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Rabbits on the March, Horror Movies, Attack of Locusts
Airdate: 1968

WOR Show
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First Line After Theme Ends
1968 marches on into the great unknown. . .
Show Description
Scaramouche quote - 'He was born with the gift of laughter and the sense that the world was created mad!' A Reuters news note from Siberia - Hares on the march! Tass reports; The hares marched to the sea where they attacked a seaweed that appears to be like cabbage, then returned inland in the same orderly manner. Shep envisions a future world a la Huxley and ponders whether animals think - Flick Lives! The environmental catastrophe as a deep psychological fear greater than sexual rejection. Locusts, Shep tries to put the 17 year attack in perspective with his personal experiences.
During the Mandarin House spot, Shep mentions that their "New Years Banquet" is available from Jan. 30 to Feb. 17. Only seems logical that this was broadcast during the last week or two of January.
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