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Inflatable Doll / Sings Hindustan
Airdate: Friday - March 14, 1969

WOR Show
Original Airing

First Line After Theme Ends
A yard wide I say, by George. . .
Show Description
Shep opens show speaking of Lee Harvey Oswald as a show business persona West coast spy sent Shep an LA Times advert Commentary on the moon landing and the fact that Armstrong might be the first, "How American can you get!" Wilmington Delaware news report a prison search for a missing library book on Houdini Back to the advert which Shep interprets as a commentary on the dominance of women Gretchen the Inflatable Doll reminds Jean of a Gretchen Shep knew Shep speaks of a marching horde from last year, the Woody Allen syndrome and the fact that the real thing is better than a movie People feel anonymous and it feeding a need for recognition Cardboard camera's and ducks Shep sets up a read your name on the air lottery, you can win recognition - send in a postcard with your name and he will read them 'next Thursday' (March 20th, 1969) Violence report: segue from the Magnavox commercial, baby baptismal violence as a result of television Benedict Arnold High School and how popular he would be today Friday horror elevator story The camping show in New York story
A tongue in cheek dedication of the show to Joe Franklin Hindustan, with Shep accompaniment on Jews Harp, later again with kazoo Shep gets the words to Hindustan and sings them
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By: Ken Applegate
Rating: Not Rated
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