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Fearless Orthodontist, TV_Plot_Ideas
Airdate: Wednesday - September 24, 1969

WOR Show
Original Airing

First Line After Theme Ends
Hey, I'd like to salute somebody tonight. . .
Show Description
Shep salutes an 80 year old broadcaster his mother liked who use to start his show saying "There's good news tonight" and the town of Lebanon Tennessee where they banned rain from September 27 to October 4th. Another salute to the lady who came running naked out of her into the street complaining there's no water and she needs a bath. A local Hotel worker hoses her down and gives here a sheet to dry off. In Santa Anna California Rin Tin Tin's grandson becomes a hero by saving the housekeeper from a bad guy who was holder her at gun point. "Before the advent of modern dentistry people used to go to blacksmiths, I still do." Shep suggests a television show about a dentist or a plumber. New from the world of sports with "Butch Bullard" Decoder for IBM cards The first recorded use of celery was as medicine. A headache pill company takes its ads off the air - it gave people headaches from the beat in the commercial.
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