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The Moment of Lucidity - Circus of Humanity
Airdate: Saturday - September 3, 1960

WOR Show
Original Airing

First Line After Theme Ends
The End. . .
Show Description
The Moment of Lucidity; Circus of Life; MONY Sign; Remembering overnight shows from NJ transmitter; Making first purchase at new Paperbook Gallery (300 copies of "I Libertine" found!); more
Fan Description
[ Courtesy: David Goldin - ] The Jean Shepherd Show. September 03, 1960. WOR, New York City. Participating sponsors. A moment of lucidity at the "Agressive Cab Company," a visit to "The Circus Of Life." The MONY sign, Shep plans to make the first purchase at the new Paperbook Gallery. Three hundred copies of "I Libertine" will be given away. Og and Charlie on the shore of Lake Titicaca: the first clam is eaten. The commercial for "The Electronic Workshop" (one of the sponsors) features a monaural component system for $150!. Jean Shepherd, James McCarthy (Mutual news: from Washington, D. C.), Frank Singiser (Mutual news: commercial spokesman). 1:30:22.


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