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Recorded Show Sources

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the following people who have provided recordings of Shep shows.

If you have contributed and your name is not on this list, please eMail Me. I want to give credit wherever it is due.


Name Contribution
More... Applegate , Ken Many, many show summaries
More... Ardis , 24 Limelights and 5 Staturday shows
More... Barret , Frank
More... Bergmann , Gene "Excelsior, You Fathead" Contributed photo of Shep signing his copy of I, Libertine - April 1957.
More... Bronk , 1968 shows
More... Brown , Phil 1972-73 - maybe a whole year's worth -150 shows?
More... C , Tony 10 shows in wav format 58-64
More... Clark , Bruce The Overseas Press Club invitation, Shepherd's Pie Reviews, Jean Shepherd's America Review
More... Clavin , Jim 20 shows
More... Dallesandro , Rich I met a guy at the town dump with some tapes. It seems he cleaned out a house for a ATT Engineer that died and left boxes of Audio Test Tapes. I went to his house and looked into each box and found 3 " 8 " ampex tape reels with notes of Jean Shepherd- JS and Limelight . I knew this might be helpful to you and your website, and he gave these to me. I have not played these, but if you would like to call me regarding these tapes, please do. They seem to be in very good condition and would be glad to share with you. Looks like about 8 Limelight shows 3 JS Notes and One noted Jean Shepherd- Not sure how long or how many, but this guy as an ATT Engineer must have used high quality tape and recorders.
More... Dan in L.A. , 1963- 1967
More... Delaney , Pete Over 100 shows 1972-74. Also contributed photos of a Shep book signing, his Greenwich Village townhouse, and screen shots of his live show. Also he supplied a variety of radio and TV commercials that Shep did. And much, much, much, more!
More... Dictaphone , 1967-69 - a few dozen lost shows
More... Florida Flood , 87 syndicated shows - master tapes, 1 complete WOR show
More... Fratelli , A. About 112 shows 1961-1966
More... Gelber , Brian 3 reels shows from 1970
More... Hartwest , Source of hundreds of non-WOR shows recorded for syndication but never released until recently through various outlets.
More... Hines , Gary "silentshep" Gary from California - Major contribution to listing of shows and MP3s of shows for posting on website
More... Holt , Al 2 synd shows - Rock Collector / Worst Night
More... Jazz Man , About 24 1960 episodes
More... Jazz Man 2 , About 20 hours of 1960-61 shows and portions thereof
More... Joecks ,
More... Josephson , Larry www.bobandray - collectors choice
More... Kalish , Alan Multiple shows
More... Kaye , Bob Dozens of shows 1963-69 or so
More... Lamy , Broadcast to Other Galaxies
More... Mann , Howie Supplied reels of 1960 sets 1 and 2 to Max
More... Matinee House , Keith ? Released about 50-60 shows from Boston syndicated series - taped at least 150 more
More... Mead , 1960-61 Shows
More... Meyer , 24 very clean 1976 shows
More... Motyka , Gregg (Alaska) Several Limelights and about 20 1968 shows
More... Mr. Fat W , Took over distribution of Hartwest shows from Radio Again
More... Needleman , 69-70 a few dozen lost shows - complete trip to India
More... Nettleton (Estate) , Lois Preserved 1958 tapes of some of Shep's Sat and Sunday shows
More... Pasternak , Bill Supplied two audio files of Shep at the Dayton Hamvention
More... Piletic , Ken Source for nearly complete Series 100 recordings - mid 1974-end of run April 01, 1977, also source of two Studs Terkel interviews. Ken lived in Chicago and after hearing Shep during a visit to New York, had a friend record most of the shows from 1974 to 1977. His friend dated each recording verbally on the tapes before each started.
More... Professor in Vermont , Sitting on at least 50 rare 1961-62 tapes
More... Radio Again , Was distributing the Hartwest syndicated shows
More... Rotter , Lee MP3s of shows he taped
More... Scharf , Ken Press Club Conference Audio
More... Schugg , Jack At least 80 1/2-hour synd shows
More... Shepfest Guy , At least 50 Boston Syndication shows on mini-disc.
More... Shifrin , Art About 130 shows made directly from WOR master tapes - 1965-68
More... Smith , Dave Provided better copies of Shep WOR promo from 1974 and copy of NY Times article from March 26, 2000
More... Tepper , Jean Helped fill in the missing pieces of The Wall Street Journal article - "The Talker"
More... Washington State , Sitting on at least 100 shows 1962-66
More... Wirsching , Rudy 1963-67 - hundreds of shows - FM airchecks. Photo of Shep on the Merv Griffin Show in 1965
More... WOR Engineer , 19 master tapes
More... Yellen , Robert "Angelfire" - at least 100 shows 64-71 - https://www.angelfire.com/nj/otrhopatcong/listing4.html
More... Zirul , About 20 shows - 1969-70