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Last Update: 01-07-2012
Old Ironsides

Music From The Golden Age of Silent Movies
Side: 1 Track: 4

Album Title: Music From The Golden Age of Silent Movies
Group: Gaylord Carter
Publisher: RCA Victor
Date Released: 1926
Album / Record#: LSP-2560
Shep - 4-13-1966
The piece was the main title written by Hugo Riesenfeld for "Old Ironsides" a 1926 Paramount picture, and was later used for the radio show "Calling All Cars". What Shep played is titled "Old Ironsides" and is from an RCA Victor LP album LPM/LSP 2560 issued in 1962 "Music From The Golden Age of Silent Movies". These were all played by organist Gaylord Carter who was formerly organist at Grauman's Million Dollar, The Hollywood Egyptian and Paramount Theaters. Thanks to Graham Newton