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Last Update: 05-03-2023
Royal Garden Blues

But First


Album Title: But First
Group: Smith Street Society Jazz Band
Publisher: mpi Records
Date Released: 1973
Album / Record#: 0809
Shep - 5-2-1973
This is one of the many pieces Shep used when he was in one of his 'silly' moods.
Additional Comments:
We recorded "The Bear" in 1973 and sent promo copies to everyone we could think of, including Shep. He sort of adopted it and would kazoo along with it night after night. We corresponded and eventually appeared on one of his TV shows. We even booked him on a few concerts (without our band). "The Bear" originally appeared on an LP titled "But First". That went out of print many years ago, but we still sell the album, as a cassette, for $12 plus $2 S&H and now available on CD for $15 plus $2 S&H. If you would like to buy it, send check or MO to Muskrat Productions, 169 South Main Street, #377, New City, NY 10956. Joe (Chicken Joe) Hanchrow
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