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Last Update: 08-27-2017
Last Update: 08-27-2017

The Swish of Windshield Wipers
Jean Shepherd's America

Jean Shepherd's America is back for another 13 weeks of half-hour essays on Jean Shepherd and what-went-wrong-with-our-childhood-dreams-of-machismo rubbish. Mr. Shepherd made his reputation on radio, one of those night talkers who filled the space between our ears with words, a kind of free-associational tom-tom tapping out its verbal tattoo until dawn...

Copyright: 1972 Life Magazine


September 01,1972
The Swish of Windshield Wipers

Courtesy: Bruce Clark

September 01,1972
Life Magazine Cover

September 22,1972
Reader responses to the 9-1-72 Life Article

Courtesy: Pete Delaney