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Last Update: 01-12-2017
Last Update: 01-12-2017

Unusual Once-Over In "Shepherd's Pie"

EWING TOWNSHIP - Tomorrow night you can turn on your television set and for 30 minutes watch a tribute to abandoned drive-in movies, an expose of traffic circles and an all-bass band playing "Jersey Blues.". . .

[ Courtesy: Mark Adams - 03-30-2017 ]

The show took place at the Drew University Pub (Madison, NJ) on May 8, 1977 just a couple of months after his last WOR radio show. We were in the middle of final exams and I was finishing up my junior year. A good friend produced and recorded the show and I've been after him for 40 years to dig up the tapes. He recently moved, ran across the tapes, and FedEx'ed them to me from California just last week. As I recall, the show started late afternoon and the bar was closed... just set up as a coffeehouse. The fire laws allowed a maximum capacity of 200 people, but I think that the crowd averaged 150-175 students and faculty with students coming and going to study. It felt very similar to the Limelight show that my parents took me to see in the mid 60s. My favorite part of the show is the Q&A session at the end. The obnoxiously loud whistling was my own. ;-)

Copyright: 1977 Asbury Park Press

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