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Last Update: 03-19-2017
Last Update: 03-19-2017

Hip, Hop, Hoop Jean Shepherd's America

They've all come to look for America All come to look for America All come to look for America. It seems as though just about everybody has come to look for America; just about every American artist in this century has been compelled to try to define America, and the rest of us get a VW and go to California. (Go west, young man-- the dope is cheaper.) Yet no one has yet to totally grasp what America is, probably because we all have our own ideas of what it should be. The great American novel; either you get hit over the head by a couple of symbolic hammers that come out of the page, or you are left dissatisfied by a good work which almost gets it down, but not quite enough. Why is it that the author has to get it all, why is 95 percent of it just as bad as SO percent of it? Why has America eluded even the best of American writers, and why do they feel they have to go after it in the first place? . . .

Copyright: 1971 CAMPUS - Allegheny College

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October 31,1972
CAMPUS - Allegheny College

Courtesy: Steve Glazer