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Last Update: 02-10-2024
Last Update: 02-10-2024

It Was 'Cold Tongue' in Bay State

MILTON, MASS. (AP) - Ever since the invention of metal signs, mail boxes and other outside metallic objects, boys have been intrigued by what would happen if you stuck your tongue on the cold metal. Paul Daly Jr., 11, found out during a recent cold spell. His tongue came in contact with a road sign post while he and Jerry Sheehan, 7, were meandering to the store. How it happened, neither Paul nor Jerry tattled. But, with Paul gesturing wildly and uttering strange sounds, Jerry ran for help. Firemen and policemen hustled to the scene and hot compresses were applied to free Paul's tongue. Paul's mother, commented after the crisis: "I don't know what made him do it. But I'm sure he won't do it again."

Additional Comments:
[Ryan Priest] I came across the attached AP article published in the January 27 1965 edition of The Portsmouth (NH) Herald. It was printed in papers all over the country so it's highly probable Shep read a copy in a New York paper or it might have been sent to him. It appeared three years before Shep told the story of Flick's Tongue on air. Do you think it might have been an inspiration for this tale?

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November 18,1983
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