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Major Awards
Over the years Shep received many awards, nominations and tributes for his work

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Last Update: 02-01-2012
"A Voice in the Night" 2 hour tribute by KCRW on NPR produced by Harry Shearer and Art Silverman

December 24, 1999

Audio available:

The special was co-produced by Harry Shearer at KCRW and Art Silverman at NPR. It aired on Dec 24th 1999 on KCRW and has been distributed by the network since April 1, 2000. In addition to reminiscences from people such as Barry Farber, Bob Clark, and Herb Squire one of his engineers, this show features airchecks which include subjects such as "Eating Snails", "The Beatles", "Code School", "Tornado at the Steel Mill", "X-ray Glasses", "March on Washington", "Bull Gangs at the Steel Mill 40 Inch Soaking Pits" A 2 CD set was available from KCRW as a $50 pledge premium or you could listen to it on Realaudio at their website.
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