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Major Awards
Over the years Shep received many awards, nominations and tributes for his work

Max Schmid's 5 hour tribute to Shep on WBAI 99.5FM New York - Spring Pledge Drive

May 27, 2001

Jean Shepherd Marathon WBAI Pledge Drive Week Time: 6:00pm to 1:00am! Place: WBAI 99.5FM New York Host: Max Schmid Part 1 "Salute to Indy 500" Monday - May 29, 1967 Part 2 "Chicago, Chicago That Toddlin' Town" Jean's ode to the Windy City Audio from Jean Shepherd's America TV series Show #12 of the 1985 series Part 3 "False Spring" Early 1961 Part 4 "The Blind Date" from "Will Failure Spoil Jean Shepherd" Part 5 "Popping Your Cork" Friday - April 26, 1963 Part 6 "Radio Station Job" Thursday - January 25, 1973 Part 7 "Troop Train Ernie" June, 1967/8 From a Live Appearance at Fairleigh Dickenson University Part 8 "The Bear Missed the Train" The Smith Street Society Jazz Band From a "Shepherd's Pie" show on January 31, 1978 Part 9 Max closes the show with the first 10 minutes of a show from around April 25,1963 and then a cut from the end of a Shepherd's Pie which Max calls "Equal Time for the Devil - Seven Deadly Sins"