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Last Update: 09-15-2016
The Sons of the Whiskey Rebellion

The Sons of the Whiskey Rebellion

According to Dave Bogart: A record Shep used a great deal (various cuts) was made by me and a bunch of friends, known collectively as the "Sons of the Whiskey Rebellion" It was recorded 1967, privately, for fun, in a small studio in Princeton, NJ, that had theretofore been used principally for talking books (hence the back?of?refrigerator sound quality). At the time, the trombone player (Bob Hall) was giving Shep flying lessons at Princeton Airport. Shepherd apparently was an excellent student, and he and Bob found they had a lot in common and became friends. Bob gave Jean a copy of the record, and he loved it and used it for years. (When we made another one, in 1971, we gave him a copy of that, too, and he didn't like it at all. The band had grown larger, we had all learned more about playing, and by that time we had some "real" musicians in the outfit. "You've ruined it," Shepherd said. As most always, I think he was was right.) The tracks on the LP that Shep used were: "Coney Island Washboard Rondolet," "Sister Kate," "Hindustan," "Yellow Dog Blues," "Bill Bailey," "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out," and "In the Good Old Summertime." He used all of them; I think his favorite was "Hindustan." It's on his LP "The Declassified Jean Shepherd," with a band credit. Shep was actually on (or at least near) the bandstand on a couple of occasions when we were "working." Memorably, he played a lot of jew's harp at Bob Hall's wedding reception in 1968; maybe some kazoo, too. Sometime in 1971, he actually talked briefly about the band, by name, on the air, describing the music as "kind of like a candy apple with a worm in it." The band continued to play, off and on, until it eventually fizzled out about 20 years ago. The "personnel" on the Sons LP (Vol. II, 1967, the one Shep used all the time) was as follows: Trumpet, Jack Painter; Trombone, Bob Hall; Clarinet, Angelo Carnevale; Bass, Boyd (AKA Jim) Painter; Banjos, Dick Hall, Larry King, Dereck Williamson; Drums, John Long; homemade electric mandolin, Roy Brown; Guitar, Wiley Sabo; girl vocalist, Dee Titus, and Piano, Dave Bogart. Vol. I personnel is the same, but without clarinet and with a different drummer, Lou Zapko.

Photo used on Album Cover

The first Album Back

The first Album Back

The first Album Cover

Second Album - Back

Courtesy: Marco Ciavolino

Second Album - Cover