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Last Update: 11-16-2015
1952 MG-TD Convertible

Fan Comments
[ Courtesy: Gene Bergmann - 05-11-2007 ]
The MG-TD. Several times Shep said he owned one. In fact, on the October 1971 show called "Devils, Blackout in the Woods" - Shep talks about driving his to Upper Michigan for a fishing trip, then, in the AM, being spooked by the darkness during the day, driving back home. He says he did this after he got out of the army, before getting a job. However, that would have been 1944-1945, and the MG-TD was only produced from 1949-1953, so he must have had the TD during or after that period. I don't know what color his was. An earlier model of the MG (MG-TC) was produced during 1945-1949, but Shep very specifically said he'd had a TD model, and though they might look similar to a novice, we MG-T series nuts easily tell the difference, and so Shep, a car nut, would not have made such a mistake. In fact, as the TC is the more classic, more rugged model, he'd have been sure to say TC if that's what he'd owned (On the show of Shep talking to S.J. Perelman, Perelman says he owned a TC.)
Fan Comments
[ Courtesy: Steve Glazer - 05-11-2007 ]
From an article about Leo Shuller and the Wigwam: "I remember Jean Shepherd coming to work in a '52 MG TD convertible with a British cap and a scarf around his neck that blew in the wind with the top down in the middle of winter, laughed Leo. 'That was Jean."
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Courtesy: Steve Glazer