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Sounds in the Dark:

All-Night Radio in American Life

Michael C Keith February 16, 2001

ISBN #10: 081382981X

Copyright: 2001

18 references to Shep in Sounds in the Dark: All-Night Radio in American Life Page 65: "... mellowed by years of drinking fine whiskey and smoking exotic cigars. From WOR in New York, I'd also tune in Jean Shepherd, who was a storyteller who could do a 3-hour monologue at the drop of a hat. He grew up in ..." Page 66: "... could spend another hour telling about an incident involving his army drill sergeant. No one could surpass the oratory of Jean Shepherd. He could tell a story better than anyone I'd ever heard. Still tuning my Hallicrafter after midnight, I'd catch WWVA ..." Page 78: "... but probably even more so because of the enormous talents of two of the genre's greatest practitioners-Long John Nebel and Jean Shepherd. ..." Page 80: "... O CHAPTER 5 A SHEPHERD IN THE NIGHT Arguably the greatest all-night radio personality ever, Jean Shepherd , plied his formidable talents over the airwaves of New York's WOR starting in 1956 and kept his legion of ..." Page 81: "... decades later.18 Writing about Shepherd in the Washington Post in the '70s, Kenneth Turan paid homage to his special talents: Jean Shepherd does things over those airways that no one else can even get close to. He's a tale spinner, a mood ..." Page 83: "... growing up as a kid in Indiana, in a steel mill town. These were stories by a master.24 In 2000, Jean Shepherd was inducted into Broadcasting and Cable Magazine's Hall of Fame. On this auspicious occasion, the publication noted that "media critic ..." Page 84: "... successful foray into the visual media was the film A Christmas Story, which became a holiday classic. The death of Jean Shepherd inspired Keith (no relation to the author) to create a lasting tribute to him in the form of a poem. ..." Page 85: "... Junglinge" incessantly in the background during his more scary stories- usually those involving girls. I remember the Margate Elephant on Jean Shepherd's America, and the Great Route One Road Trip. I remember searching for Shep records in stores' alphabetical racks, and usually ..." Page 86: "... , no sidekicks. He worked alone, which for him was essential. Who would want anyone around to authenticate a good Jean Shepherd story?"28 NIGHTS WITH NEBEL Rivaling, but not quite equaling, the prodigious talent and popularity of Jean Shepherd was Long John ..." Page 87: "... to him, and he made a strong impression on me. Nebel made all-night radio important. He gave it credibility. Whereas Jean Shepherd's radio work anticipated that of public radio's Garrison Keillor and Ira Glass, Long John Nebel was the antecedent to Art ..." Page 88: "... II radio's creative high points and another example of the special nature of overnight programming. Along with Barry Gray and Jean Shepherd, he would come to be regarded as one of after-hours radio's true pioneers and a revered member of its cherished ..." Page 89: "... 17. Don Kaul, "Vulgarity Has Replaced Genius in Radio," Houston Chronicle , 26 May 2000, p. A38. 18. Max Schmid, "Jean Shepherd," Whole Earth, Winter 2000, p. 1. 19. Kenneth Turan, "A Cosmic Shaggy Dog," Washington Post, 5 January 1977, p. B1. ..." Page 92: "... someone working the after-midnight airwaves by this time.) Already established overnighters like Wolfman Jack, Barry Gray, Long John Nebel, and Jean Shepherd would continue to expand their respective fan bases. At the so-called big boomer stations in major metropolitan areas, new stars ..." Page 137: "... loyal fans of Bell as they had other legendary all-nighters before him, among them King, Barry Gray, Long John Nebel, Jean Shepherd, Al Jepko, Wolfman Jack, and Ray Briem. While Bell shared many attributes in common with his pree minent late-night forerunners, he, ..." Page 160: "... several of overnight radio's finest practitioners, among them Barry Gray, Gene Chase, John Luther, Felix Grant, Alison Steele, Franklin Hobbs, Jean Shepherd , and Norm Nathan. In the case of Shepherd, his legions of fans mourn his passing to this day by ..." Page 161: "... Right of Night 161 place it once was to spend a few hours. Marking Shepherd's passing . Don Kaul wrote Jean Shepherd died last fall and, I realize now, not enough attention was paid. Shepherd was a genius of radio, a precursor ..." Page 168: "... Larry Regan-"Huzzahs all filled the air when those who command those waves were hailed."' Let the huzzahs begin! Charles Willer: Jean Shepherd was the all-night radio genius, and I miss him a lot. Phil Knight was a favorite of mine, but it's ..." Page 207: "... is cyclical, so this may happen. Larry Miller: I think the challenge for overnight radio is to find the next Jean Shepherd. It has to make room for originality and creativity. If a station sounds the same at midnight as it does ..."

February 16,2001
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