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Last Update: 07-08-2015
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The Visceral Screen:

Between the Cinemas of John Cassavetes and David Cronenberg

Robert Furze November 15, 2015
Intellect Ltd

ISBN #978-1783203703

Copyright: 2015 - Intellect Ltd

Narrative and spectacle describe two extremes of film content, but the oeuvres of John Cassavetes and David Cronenberg resist such categorization. Instead, Robert Furze argues, the defining characteristic of these directors respective approaches is that of "visceral" cinema - term that illustrates the anxiety these filmmakers provoke in their audiences. Cassavetes demonstrates this through disregard for plot structure and character coherence, while Cronenberg's focus is on graphic depictions of mutilation, extreme forms of bodily transformation, and violence.

September 15,2015

Courtesy: Steve Glazer