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27 Winters and Counting. . .

Paul Philion March 20, 2014

ISBN #978-1460232255

Copyright: 2014 - FriesenPress

Donald Mackinnon is a survivor. Anyone who has lived through twenty-seven bitterly cold Winnipeg winters, qualifies as a survivor. Now, he's hoping to find his soul mate; the woman he will spend the rest of his life with. When he meets teacher Mary Santucci, he feels he's found her. Their relationship blossoms, although they see many things differently. She loves swimming and he doesn't. She hates camping while he was a decorated Boy Scout. He's a meat eater, she's a vegetarian. He can finally see the suburban home and kids in his future, but a picket fence is not one of her priorities. Can they work things out, or will Donald face disappointment once again? 27 Winters and Counting... offers a strong mix of humour, romance, intriguing characters and all things Canadian, including that most quintessential of Canadian winter sports: curling. An entertaining read from cover to cover. To learn more about 27 Winters and Counting...

March 20,2014

Courtesy: Steve Glazer