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Heaven Before I Die

Michael Goodwin March 30, 2010
Black Shadow Press

ISBN #978-0557394586

Copyright: 2010 - Black Shadow Press

Heaven Before I Die-A Journey to the Heart of New Orleans drops you smack dab in the middle of the rockin', rollin', second-line dancin' New Orleans street celebrations that give The Bucket its unique character. You'll meet Kermit Ruffins, Tuba Fats, Danny Barker, Dr. John and a crew of equally hip but slightly less famous cats and kitties like James Booker, Sista Teedy, Tom McDermott, Lula Elzy, David Torkanowski, Bob French and a pair of 300-pound go-go dancers. This is one street party you don't want to miss. Come on and second-line.

March 30,2010

Courtesy: Steve Glazer