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Books that contain short stories written by Shep

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Photo Now Here's My Plan

by: Shel Silverstein

January 1, 1960 - Simon and Schuster

Photo The America of George Ade, 1866-1944

1961 - New York, Putnam

Photo Village Voice Reader

by: Daniel Wolf and Edwin Fancher, editors.
Jean Shepherd contributor

1962 - New York : Doubleday

Photo Night People's Guide to New York


1965 - Bantam Books

Photo Think Small

by: Jean Shepherd

1967 - Volkswagon

Photo The Playboy Book of Humor and Satire

by: the Editors of Playboy

1967 - HMH Publishing

Photo The Sense of the 60's

by: Edward Quinn and Paul J. Dolan

1968 - The Free Press - Div of MacMillan Co

Photo 1929 Johnson Smith & Co Catalogue
1970 Reprint
by: Tony Goodstone
Jean Shepherd - Introduction

1970 - Chelsea House Publishing Company

Photo Sex is a Laughing Matter


1971 - Playboy Press

Photo A Time In Their Lives

by: Jerry Herman

1974 - Canfield Press / Harper & Row

Photo The Scrapbook History of Baseball
Foreward by Jean Shepherd
by: Jordan A. Deutsch, Richard M. Cohn,
Roland T. Johnson and David S. Neft

1975 - The Bobbs-Merrill Company Inc

Photo The Responsible Person
Second Edition
by: C.Jeriel Howard and Richard Francis Tracz

1976 - Canfield Press

Photo American Oblique:
Writing About the American Experience
by: Joseph F. Trimmer
Robert R. Kettler

June 1976 - Houghton Mifflin

Photo Humor in America: An Anthology

by: Enid Veron

June 1976 - Harcourt College Pub

Photo Vic and Sade
The Best Radio Plays of Paul Rhymer
by: Mary Frances Rhymer - Editor

1976 - Seabury Press

Photo Outlooks Through Literature

by: James L. Pittman
Edmund James Pierce

1976 - Scott, Foresman and Company

Photo American Snapshots


1977 - The Scrimshaw Press

Photo The Fireside Treasury of Great Humor

by: Al Sarrantonio

August 1987 - Fireside

Photo Outlooks and Insights
A Reader for College Writers
by: Edited by: Paul Eschholz and Alfred Rosa

1987 - St Martin's Press

Photo The New Jersey Restaurant Guide

by: w/ Ruth Alden

1989 - Hdl Pub Co.

Photo Patterns in Literature
America Reads - Classic Edition
by: Edmund J. Farrell
Ouida H. Clapp and Karen J. Kuehner

1989 - Scott, Foresman and Company, Glenview Ill.

Photo Little Book of Fishing

by: Nick Lyons
Atlantic Monthly Press

1994 - Balliett & Fitzgerald, Inc

Photo Patterns For A Purpose
A Rhetorical Reader
by: Barbara Fine Clouse

1995 - McGraw-Hill College

Photo The Angler's Book of Daily Inspiration

by: Kevin Nelson

April 1, 1997 - McGraw-Hill

Photo The Signet Book of American Humor

by: Regina Barreca

September 7, 2004 - NAL Trade

Photo The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction

by: Richard Bausch

January 5, 2006 - W. W. Norton & Company

Photo The 50 Funniest American Writers*:
An Anthology of Humor from Mark Twain to The Onion
by: Andy Borowitz

October 13, 2011 - Library of America

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