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WPVI TV Channel 6 - "McLean and Company"

December 30, 1971

Audience yells "Excelsior you Fathead" Jean Shepherd Declassified - "All the stuff I couldn't say on radio" "Wanda Hickey's Night of GOlden Memories" Shep talks about America's obsession with lists, how and what he writes about. "Putting the American 20th Century life in a series of fables" The literary "I" Shep gives a brief descriptions of the story of the prom and the Red Rooster and discusses "The Return of the Smiling Wimpy Doll" Jack Armstrong - One of the local schools recreated a Jack Armstrong show for TV and it is shown to Shep. Shep asks what the "H" stands for on Armstrong's shirt - Hudson High. Shep sings the Wheaties song. Mike Wallace was the announcer on the show. Discussion of Nostalgia. People think they only have problems now and they didn't exist in the past when in reality they always have. The Jews Harp - a discussion of the history of the Jews Harp and demonstration of how it is played. Kopfspielen - the art of head thumping. They play a tape of Shep playing to "Coney Island Washboard Rag" by Sons of the Whiskey Rebellion. Turnpike driving - Howard Johnsons --- 35 miles! Mothers making you Wear clean underwear in case you get hit by a car. Humor vs Comedy. "County Fair" based on 1969 Flemington Fair Prom is based on 1969 Bloomfield NJ senior prom. (Leigh's daughter?) Shep is asked to give his opinion of various popular writers. "15 minutes after midnight we will begin to see that next year will be every bit as bad as this year." He then quotes George Ade - "Every year is like the one before only a little worse"
Additional Comments:
This show was pre-recorded. Shep refers to having just done the taping of it on his appearance on the Ed Sciaky Show (WMMR-FM Philly) in Early December. Dating is also provided after the last commercial break by McLean

Production Information:
Studio / Network: WPVI
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