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Last Update: 12-04-2015

The Virginia Graham Show

June 27, 1972

"Wanda had Hickey's I can't even talk about.. And in places we can't even discuss." Jean visits Virginia to discuss his book "Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories..." The Bumpuses 3 stories have won the Playboy Humor/Satire award. Critics and Reviews that miss the point. It is not nostalgia. "Laughter is as personal as sex." Discussuion about critics and do people really pay attention to the critics any more?
Additional Comments:
Short segment featuring Shep - only about 14:30 total. Possibly a rerun of the November 30, 1971 show - Toni Holt was also listed as a guest on that show.

Production Information:
Studio / Network: Rhodes Productions
Asst Director:
Executive Producer:
Running Time:

June 27,1972
Delaware County Daily Times

Courtesy: Steve Glazer