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Last Update: 09-27-2015

The Three Worlds of Jean Shepherd

July 15, 1969

Aired on WLIW channel 21 in New York at 8:30pm This was a 30 minute tribute to Shep covering his work on radio, stage, and writing. Not much is known about this. I recorded the audio from the show, but can only describe the video portion. The 3 worlds are 'Radio', 'Limelight Shows' and 'writing'.The show follows Shep through the moments right before he goes on the air, walking down the hall and into the studio just as his theme begins to play. Along the way he speaks about the Limelight performances and his writing as he is interviewed in his WOR office by John Wingate (?). There is even a minute of Leigh Brown describing how it was to work with Shep. Known Airdates: 07-31-1967 WNYC-31 10:00pm 08-04-1967 WNYC-31 7:30pm 11-17-1968 WNYC-31 8:00pm 07-15-1969 WLIW-21 8:30pm

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Running Time: 30 Minutes

July 15,1969
Three Worlds of Jean Shepherd - TV Listing