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Last Update: 01-12-2009

Jean Shepherd on Route 1

8:00 pm WNJM NJ Channel 50

October 19, 1984

On October 19, 1984 "Jean Shepherd on Route 1" premiered on New Jersey Public Television. Shep sits in the back seat of a limo and discusses such things as drive in theatres, the George Washington Bridge, traffic circles, diners, road signs, junkyards, bars, route 22, and the art of shaving. 8:00 WNJM Channel 50

Production Information:
Studio / Network:
Director: Stephen Arnesen
Asst Director:
Producer: Calvin Iszard
Executive Producer:
Running Time:
Related Plots / Story Lines and Other References Used

October 18,1984
Advance Preview Verona Cedar Grove Times

Courtesy: Steve Glazer